Bio Blocks - 1.1kg 50 Per Case

Toss Blocks are a biological non pDCB Urinal block that disolve in water not air to leave a fresh odour. In use they ensure that pipes are kept clear of fat, uric scale and calcium deposits, as such decrease blockages and are proven to reduce water usage. Pleasent aroma, contains odour neutralising perfume. Contain surfactants and harmless bacteria that "colonise" the urinal pipes. Water soluable, biodegradable and pDCB free. Decreased blockages, prevents blocked traps and pipes. Decrease water usage, can save on water bills. Includes cleaning power. Economical in use. Suitable for all types of urinals and troughs including stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic. Particularly suitable for use in public buildings, schools, institutions, hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants.
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Bio Blocks - 1.1kg 50 Per Case
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